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July 19th, 2005

11:49 pm - You Gonna Be Satisfied Today If Tonight You Died?
[This Is A Lifestyle I Want To Claim, And Is All In These Few Lines From The Kottonmouth Kings]
what if you were livin yours instead of hatin mine
findin truth and spreadin love and searchin deep inside
I’m gonna live my life from day to night with no hesitation
Make the best of every situation that I find myself placed in
Decidin right from wrong, choosing my final destination
Cause when it’s said and done, it’s just yourself that you are facin’
I wanna touch the sky unleash control wanna feel time travel real thru my soul wanna ride real high wanna lay real low independent free thought control my zone
It’s time to open up your eyes and catch sight
Cause you could wake up in the morning, and not make it to the night
Take advantage of your life, you only get one try
You gonna be satisfied today if tonight you died?
Well I’m not that guy, I keep my blood runnin’
You say you’ve had enough, and I say keep it comin

-Smokey J
Current Mood: peacefulUnexplainable State Of Mind
Current Music: "Tangerine Sky" + "Rip The Night Away"- Kottonmouth Kings

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01:05 am - Let The Sunshine
ok enough of just songs to let u know how im living right now, im gonna try to just talk bout wuts going on with me. but i cant be sure i wont put a song in this bitch. right now lifes great, if not the best its ever been, i mean i know i got an even more positive outlook on life then ever, but either way theres still alot of great great things going on. i just cant find a day lately id wanna take back. everyday i wake up i have a deep feeling like its the best day yet, and i dont even know wut the day has instore, all i know is i got a whole day ahead of me, and that makes it the best day of my life. have you ever felt like that? like everyday is the best day of your life. sum days are WAY crazyier then others, sum have more parties, more things to do, more places to go, sum u just sit around with the people that matter most and sit in the perfect sunny weather, and just chill and hangout and think of how lifes great. the only thing i dont like right now, like the one thing that i feel bad about, is that everyone cant have this aspect on life, that everyone cant feel how i feel wen i wake up. yesterday was great hung out and swam in the pool with lindsey and cory all day, with the perfect breeze, that made the sun feel just right. a very laid back situation. then that night went to boney's 18th birthday party, and wen u 18 that means, the "victory" cigars/swishers/Poppa D's cigarellos/ cigarettes come out in from of the parents, and everything is perfect. great night weather, music playing, lil bond fire going, and Rhino's pineapple spiced Captain Morgans, out... can it get any better??? o yes, chill with a couple 18 year olds and they see how u are, and think ur the shit, and wanna take a quick trip in one of the many nice fast cars they got parked in the street to go get 5 packs or marlboro menthol 100s, for ya, and u get back just in time to finish that Captain's with Rhino and D. damn one night like many of the others. after that u wake up late call work and tell um u aint comin in, let ur buddy take ur $100 to go get u those 2 12 inch subwoofers for ur fuckin soon to be future car, and then u go and chill with ur girl that u are crazy about, all day, and into the night. and then chill the night out after she leaves with a walk threw the neighborhood, hearing all the sounds of crickets, and other night sounds, then get pciked up by ur buddy to take a lil quick ride to smoke, and pick up a fuckin monster energy drink. haha the night cant be complete without a monster. this just two days just like the others, that make me feel how i feel. its not all bout shit ending up perfect sum days dont work out like u want, sum day u got no money, nothin to do, those days are as good as the rest to me, just sit back and think bout all the memories, look around at life and ur life, and ur friends and close ones lives, and try to make everyone feel the peace of mind you have. its not bout money and wut u got, wut nice cars u or ur friends have, the house you live in, its about your friends, and the best memories of your lives, and realizing life as you live it. plain and simple as long as im breathing, and living life, im happy, and i thank God everytime i get a chance for giving everyone this gift of life. and wen my dying day comes, ill be able to thank God in person.

Current Mood: contentPeace Of Mind Till The End
Current Music: "Peace Of Mind" -Kottonmouth Kings

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July 16th, 2005

01:46 pm - Waking Dream
[This is how i've been feeling lately, and it can only be explained in one of Kottonmouth Kings easy going laid back lifestyles songs. music is a big influence to me, i like music that u can live ur lifestyles like, and kmk has a great way to live life. all i know is no matter wut anyone says about my music, any kmk, icp, all the juggalo shit, (ya kottonmouth kings are juggalos, they talk bout it in sum of their songs) all my shit, that i live by, say w/e you want, nothing u say is gonna make me change, its a lifestyle.]

The earth the wind the sky the sea the birth the life the air we breathe, The truth the lies the in between the hate the love the waking dream

All these beautiful things growin up and all the members from the people who new ya! Don’t test Mother Nature she’s a powerful person
These are the types of checks you can’t cash when your trying to live long can’t afford to be an ass or when you walk into a party being loud and obnoxious or when you walk up to a hotty wish no respect and compliments it’s fuckin nonsense this life’s a journey all people I need and al the people actin funny like crash test dummy’s people come people go like liquor sto doe they except it like a treasure some one paid is another man’s pleasure
We need to stick together to make this beautiful place better
You’re times approachin in this like your livin in the aftermath of the new begin

In the aftermath the new beginning!! In the waking dream of all things unseen the cycle is complete the universe has justified my life and set me free! A smile spreads across my face prepares me for the ride! the setting sun begins to set the perfect way to die

The earth the wind the sky the sea the birth the life the air we breathe, The truth the lies the in between the hate the love the waking dream

I’m sittin in the basement, cause we about to get deep
Final life’s placement, bein the topic of speech
What matters to you and me, what goals you’ve reached
When you’re body’s laid to rest and your soul’s free to seek
With the knowledge you receive, You got a spot picked out
You know where you wanna go from what you’ve learned about
Some people call it Heaven, other’s say the spirit world
Where you goin when you die? Are you sure? For real?
You ask me where I’m headed, I’m still tryin to look
I learned one thing so far, the answer’s not in a book
Many paths to choose from written by the hands of man
But they were all still alive, the information’s second-hand
I don’t understand, cause all religion’s have flaws
Barkin out commandments, how ‘bout Nature’s laws?
Cause when it’s said and done, rivers still gonna flow
The wind’s gonna blow, and trees are still gonna grow

In the aftermath the new beginning!! In the waking dream of all things unseen the cycle is complete the universe has justified my life and set me free! A smile spreads across my face prepares me for the ride! the setting sun begins to set the perfect way to die

The earth the wind the sky the sea the birth the life the air we breathe, The truth the lies the in between the hate the love the waking dream!!!!!!!
Current Mood: contentLiving Life Like I Want
Current Music: "Waking Dream"- Kottonmouth Kings

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June 21st, 2005

03:37 pm - Don't Let This Shit Pass You By
[Song By Twiztid Thats Some What Like My Summer So Far]

Growing at a fast pace made my heart race
Lookin death in the face and I don't even shudder
If my woman starts cheating, motherfuck her, bitch
I'm out for self
Green weed, fame and wealth
So take your hopes and dreams
And put that shit back on the shelf
cause we move when it's dark at night
Believe the rumors, cause they probably all right
Outta sight like concealed weapons and drug trades
Cause we rolling in a ride far from stolen
Cigarette lighters, power windows, wood grain motion and
Taking curbs with ease, blowing trees, looking Chinese
Hoping that the cops ain't tailing me!
Cigarettes, blunt smoke I love the smell
Player hate me cause I smoke, burn in hell
This shit ain't ain't for everybody
I live to sever bodies so melancholy
Suicide is just a folly and I'm out!!!
Free your mind
Breath it in second hand smoke
Free your mind
Breath it in second hand smoke
Free your mind
Breath it in second hand smoke
Free your mind
Breath it in second hand smoke

Its been like two weeks of summer, and its already prolly been the best ever! damn hahaha sooooo much shit has happened and only cory knows everything, lots of people who we've hung out with know a little bout wut we been doing but no one has seen it all, all the crazy shit. well one thing, one of the only things im gonna say is, my parents were out of town and i was sposed to stay at corys, but we went back to my house of course hahaha, and ya lots of people were over like lots and lots of different people haha and ya my parents found out, but not like i give a FUCK haha, i cant drive for this week, yet im driving tonight to drop chris car off, and we are driving my car to work tomorrow??? well my parents dont know shit bout punishment and i fucking love it haha. hey also random but ya, i passed math, off to WC for ever, i must say this is it the final fuck you to timothy, FUCK EVERYONE THERE!!! so ya summer is the best thing next to cigarettes. haha, well i started work and its hard as fuck, but the summer crazy ass times make up for it and i get paid like 250 a week so thats good. the biggest thing im looking forward to right now is MaN's MyTh (VoL.) 1 in less then a week, the best Twiztid shit will be out. well i love summer and times like this more then i will ever love anything, this is me loving life to the fullest. like seriously i wish everyone could love life as much as i do, sum people got bad shit goin on, but i been there the only way to be happy and have a good time is to make it happen yourself, if u got a chance to go do sumthing crazy, dont pass up the chance, dont let this shit pass you by. take every risk, as long as u get into a crazy situation u never been in before, then its all good its a new adventure. damn i only people knew..... FUCK Man's Myth is coming mutherfuckers! sposed to be the best shit by twiztid ever, and The Green Book is the best thing in the fucking world! so if this is sposed to be the best then damn! Fuckin live for the juggalo shit, stay down with the clown, down with the krown, down with all the serial killin' axe murdering fucking crazy ninjalos man. no matter who im around preppy as hell people, parents, fuckin family shit, special occations, work, skool, etc. always represent wut i live for. the point in life is to do ur best to be happy, and i got an unconditional happiness, just because of the simple mutherfuckin fact that i live. i could have a real shitty day, i ight feel down for a second, but ill be up again 2 min. later, cuz bad shits in the past 2 min. ago right, and i got the rest of the day to go have fuckin fun times, and of course got all night, then a morning to wake up to, wut the fuck, how u expect me to not be happy. shit i wish more people could live life with a positive outlook on everyfucking thing. well i wish i could say more but too much shit has happened in the week or two for me to write bout, my fuckin computer would fuckin explode, so until the next time i get the chance to update lol, go out and live fuckin life to the fullest.

Current Mood: calmAwaiting Man's Myth
Current Music: "Joker"- Twiztid

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June 9th, 2005

11:26 am - Axe Murdering In The SUMMER!
If it ain't green, it ain't us
Your parents hate us because we smell like cannabis
And remind them of the incubus
Another freak of the night
With accessable roach clips, bongs, and weed pipes

(Monoxide Child)
We comin' with the straight 28
A full O-Z
only fuckin' with the weed
You can keep the nosebleed
Bash on you haters actin' like you know me
Twiztid muthafucka what you got on my tree?

(Jamie Madrox)
I smoke it down to the ash
Burning lips and finger tips
On for helly shit and take no bullet and passin' it
Right into the ashtray where it belongs
From the bag to the j to the drape to the bong

(Monoxide Child)
Smoke alotta weed, cloud nine
Space flying
People try to front like I don't
But I can see inside them
Put the flame on the end of the weed and start the session
And I'ma smoke it all up quick without a question

I hope you brought the papers
You know I brought the trees
So roll another joint
And hand that bitch to me
We do this everyday
So come get high with me
No matter what they tell us this is reality

(Monoxide Child)
Eyes blew out red I'm lookin' faded
Clothes stank like bud
And my finger tips is always resonated
We burnin' ganja with the windows up
I got a QP a good green rub ready to puff

(Jamie Madrox)
We smokin' entirely to much trees for average folks
But I never said that I was average
I like to smoke mad bags of weed
No stems, no seeds
All I really want and all I really need

(Monoxide Child)
I gotta tell you bitches
It ain't no smokin' for free
If you ain't fuckin' with me
Don't put your lips up on my muthafuckin' tree
Wreck us around us, like a Zig Zag
Light your whole block with a flame and take a big drag

(Jamie Madrox)
We blaze trees on the highways
in the driveways
In a casket
I keep an axe
and a fat sack
with the Zig Zags
With a 2 blunt trademark trees
every studio session we gettin' sparked

I hope you brought the papers
You know I brought the trees
So roll another joint
And hand that bitch to me
We do this everyday
So come get high with me
No matter what they tell us this is reality

(Jamie Madrox)
We smoke weed everyday
Regardless what you say
And every single night with the get right
You need to get up and shut up with all that pride
And all you non smokin' niggas get the fuck outside

(Monoxide Child)
Only weed smokers up this bitch tonight
Thick clouds of weed smoke green like kryptonite
I don't drink, shoot up or take X
Only three loves in life is bud, death, and sex

(Jamie Madrox)
Gimme gimme green leafs laced up with hashish
When your ridin' dirty, watch for police
Listen and learn cuz I would never stir you wrong
Knowledge has accumulated like resins in bongs
*water in bong and chokes*

I hope you brought the papers
You know I brought the trees
So roll another joint
And hand that bitch to me
We do this everyday
So come get high with me
No matter what they tell us this is reality
Current Mood: chipperCrazy Summer #2 Has Started
Current Music: "Freekshow" "The Green Book" Straight Twiztid For Summer

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June 6th, 2005

10:54 am - Dark Lotus, Psychopathic, Thats The Way It Goes
Well this weekend was kool as hell Fri. LEFT FUCKIN TIMOTHY from the last day of real skool there ever! and me and jenna and jessica grought evan home then we picked up cory and went to go see Lords Of Dogtown love that fuckin movie. Sat. i woke up at corys haha and got the car went and got jenna and jessica and we all came to my house and went swimming and shit it was a kool day watched 13, then we brought them home and had a crazy night with chris, we went to this HUGE HUGE FUCKIN ho8use in the Barrington Hills down a private road and all, and chris did sumthing for the first time haha, and on the way home he started throwing up all over my moms fuckin car we stopped he was like passed out he couldnt move wen he came to, it was a lil weird, like a weird bad feeling was in the air, then these people saw us and came over to see wut was wrong these people were kool they were like whoed u guys come to meet? and we were like Randy and they knew him hahah it was great. we finally got chris almost home corys dad wanted to pick him up but we were like fuck that we almost home so he kinda followed us home from 59 but he was way behind us so ya, i dropped cory off, and went to chris' house right wen we got in front he threw up all over the car again, went round the block came back and dropped him off im suprised he had enough energy to walk inside DAMN, that shit was FUCKED UP. but i had lots of fun that day with jenna! haha, so that makes up for that crazy night haha, all in all none of us got in trouble and we were out till 230, so ya it was pretty damn kool, and crazy, it was crazy kool haha Jennas quote. sunday went to church, and to graduation party, then got the car and went to jennas, and we hung out all day and it was kool as hell i love being with jenna all day lol, ad speaking of that, today is our 1 month anniversary!!!! kool shit jenna is the koolest girl ive been with i really think we can last a long time and i really want to. so ya.

June 27....................Man's Myth will be here.....................
Current Mood: chipperReally With The Juggalo Shit
Current Music: All Dark Lotus Cds, and FF3, FF2

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June 1st, 2005

04:08 pm - KING KLICK!!!
KMK's NEW CD CAME OUT YESTERDAY, Kottonmouth Kings No. 7 ( self titled), i love the fuckin shit every song is AMAZING King Klick, Get Your High On, Wasted, Peace Of Mind, We Got The Chronic, Fuck The Industry, PUT IT DOWN, all the shit. but damn i havent updated in a bit and this last weekend was one of the best ive ever had in a long time, its up there with like the top 5 weekends of my life. seriously shits all good. ok Fri. picked up that nigga cory, and we were off to jennas house, drivin well lets just say sum crazy shit happens while we be drivin but i aint speakin on it right now haha, so we got there hung with jenna jessica aaris and nikky, and her bro, we went on the kool walk to these dirt bike tracks and shit, that was a time too cool to mention man. then me cory and jenna went to this pizza place for a party and met chris and his gf there, it was all kool, mike show3ed up havent seen him in like a year or 2 damn, then we all left drove and met up at chris' moms house took my car and got the fuck ut of there, very illegally i must say, haha. so then we dropped off jenna, i said goodbye ect. then we drove like an hour to chris gfs house in a big time COP neighborhood and since we had too many people in the car and way past curfew, we drove real slow. and we dropped her off all good then we stopped at a gas station on the way back from her house and then pulling out i made a right on red, wen u supposedly couldnt, i looked for the sign for a while i saw none, it was a place i didnt recognize ,at night so it was possible, but fuck we turn, and a cop turns which i didnt see at all, came out of no where with the ghetto lights burn in the sky so i pulled over i thought i was SOOOOOOO FUCKED no lisence till im 18 FUCK. and this cop was a cop i hateded like a mutherfucker, he is the meaning of a fucking PIG. he made me get out hes like " i could smell weed!" i like wtf wen we drove by are u jokin, we havent smoked any weed, this cops soooo full of shit. im like no, we were NOT, hes like i dont like how u look, he made me follow his finger and shit, im like this is gay, so i told him wut we were all doin, and he talked to chris and he told the pig the same shit, got uer story straight and u get out alot of shit. the pig looked threw the glove box, and the center consule, and found nothing, cuz chris' cigs were under te seat haha, he wads bout to ligt up right wen the cops lights went on, lucky timing. and so he comes to me like ok ur lisence isnt valid after curfew, but i dont got time for this shit, im looking for DUI so get the hell out of here, so i was like ok he was a bitch, but im gettin out of alot of shit s fuck this im out. all i know is all the stupid, wrong, bad shit i do, Gods still looking out for me. got home finally!! felt good. cory stayed over we slept. next day woke up and Sat. i went to jennas and me jenna jessica and aaris went to Six Flags, it was my first time being on a roller coaster in a long time and it was kool i liked it, i liked the water rides alot haha we got a funny pick with that, my fav. part of that day was being with jenna all day, and on the way there jenna called b96, and she was caller #12 and she won tickets to six flags to see Frankie J and Natalie at six flags. we ate alot of bad shit and did alot of other stuff too haha. then they dropped me off that night and chris came and picked me up in his grandpas fast poniac with a sun roof, haha, we met up with randy and sum of his buddies DAMN i cant say shit bout this whole trip we all got in randys car and drove threw the hills and it was KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, alright so sunday, alil more mellow, just wenty to the mall and hung with cory and two families came over for a pool party and that was kool. and then mon. we had off, and i went to jennas and me her and jessica and aaris went to TGIF, gooooood food, get the sunshine shit drink if u go, then we went to the mall, and then back to her house hung out, then made a quick trip to broadveiw lol and that day was real kool then tues. KMK came out and meand cory went and got the cd, and we went and hung with Brian this juggalo i know, for a bit and then we went to skool to pick up juenna and jessica from choir concert we went to mcdonalds and it was a real koool night, and today not muc happened just another lazy ass day o not giving a shit bout anything , soo tomorrow im goin home with jenna that will be kool, and skools almost over, and summer will start and all i can think of with that is late nights, parties, cigarettes, money, skating, chillin, makin music in corys basement, and this summer llots and lots of driving. wel till next time i feel like updating this shit, im out.'

Current Mood: chipperTHE BEST A NINJA COULD FEEL!
Current Music: "King Klick"- Kottonmouth Kings

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May 23rd, 2005

08:58 pm - The Shit's Finally Here
well i finally get a chance to update on my fuckin awsome weekend. i think thurs counts as the weekend cuz i went home with jenna to broadveiw and hung with her so that was a good day. then fri. i left skool early, but not before i gave jenna a big hug an kiss goodbye of course. then went to the dmv to get my license for my mutherfuckin 16th birthday, or birtday as tai likes to say. got it cuz it was easy as hell, got the pic and was out like nothin, on the wayhome called cory he was already on his way to my house haha, and wen i got there we popped in sum Psychopathic Rydas and were out the mutheer fucker. we drove alllllllll over, went to 3 malls, 3 food places, and drove to west chicago, to lombard, to elmhurst to fuckin everywhere, we stopped at a closed mall to go to the bathroom haha, the music was loud as hell the whole time, and we did sum crazy shit with the car, haha lots of illegal things that will remain unmentioned. then got home bout 12 and me and cory passed out like the tired ass muther fuckers we were, used a full tank of gas, 257 miles were driven that night hahaha. so the next morning me and cory walked to breakfast like every sat. time to chill and reflect on shit thats happened, cuz we like to sit in a relaxed enviroment away from all the crazy shit we do, to think bout it all lol. then we went and got the car drove by allysas and she was out there with like 4 other people. so we stopped by and hung for a bit kool crazy shit always goin on over there, she got back on house arrest for being out till 530 in the morning she gets a lil ignorent sumtimes but ya thats just her lol, so then we left i dropped cory off to hang wit his gf, and from wut i hear it was the best time he had in a long time haha, and then after i dropped him off i was off to go pick up jenna, and jessica and aaris were getting a ride from their grandma so they could all come over and hang out. wen we got back to my house we pretty much waited till the hot tub was heated all up lol and we put on sum loud music in the big room left the doors open got in the hot tub and ya it was a party lol, fun time, we were in here for a while, then we got out and me and jenna went and picked up a pizza, and brought it home and we all ate sum, and just hung out after that, harry bit jennas butt which shes still got a mark from right now haha, and those are sum highlights lol, thats the way i want to spend my bday, gettin presents and eating cake haha then driving all night with my best friend, and then the next day just being with my g/f all day, no big parties with sum people there i dont really like haha only the people i really do like. best birthday ive had in a long time, last 3 years sum shit got fucked up lol then the next day sunday, church? o wait no no church, sleep in till 11 and leave to go to jennas house, great way to start my sunday on one of the best weekends ive had in a long time. so sunday was kool as hell, just being with jenna and then me and her drove to braodveiw for our lil mission to get sumthin haha, that was fun. then wen we got back jessica and aaris wanted to walk sum where, so me and jenna are like fuck this lets drive by them in the car haha so we did went like 50 in a 35 zone past um, then turned around and picked um up and we all went to this bar and got sum food and hung out that was fun lol then we went back t her house after a while watched sum t.v. and then i had to go round 8 so i had to wait to hear a part in a this techno song cuz jimmy wanted me and jenna to hear it, but it was gay, so then i left lol, not with out givin jenna a big hug and kiss again lol i didnt wanna stop huggin her but i had to lol damn, so then today was skool w/e, but i got to see jenna! lol thats always the best part of my day, and then wen i got home, i called jenna and talked to her for a bit then i got the car and meand cory picked up mark and went to the mall i got these two shirts i been wantin, and ya that whole time was fun as hell then i got home and now im here, cant wait for this weekend! till next time, o wait like Shaggys new solo cd coming up......... Fuck the Fuck Off!

Current Mood: nostalgicDamn Good Weekend To Remember
Current Music: "Crop Circles"- ICP

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May 17th, 2005

09:06 pm - ICP's The Calm Is Here!
shhitt well today wen i got home, cory was awaiting, cuz we were planning on leaving right after skool to go get The Calm. and we did wen we got to the Tower Records, there was a Juggalo there he had the shorts i got lol, i saw that and was liek hell yea. and of course he had The Calm cd in his hand haha so me and cory quickly got cds for our hands haha. the cd is the fuckin shit and has a bunch of new info shit in the cover case shit. First off The Tempest ICP's new LP is coming out in 2006, the Storm after the Calm. SHAGGY 2 DOPE's got his new SOLO cd, his second one coming out on sept. 20th 2005, called Fuck The Fuck Off! And this one i been waiting for for a long ass time, Forgotten Freshness VOL.4! Nov. 15, 2005! And this is sum kool shit Tales From The Dark Carnival The Film Series, coming this fall sumtime, crazy shit! truely is a fuckin storm by ICP. ANd fucking thats just from ICP the biggest thing im waitin for is MUTHERFUCKIN TWIZTID!!! Man's Myth (Vol. 1) is coming out June 28, 2005 and Mutant (Vol. 2) July 26, 2005. Two parts to the same saga, two sides to the same story. AND sat. March 18, 2006, in Denver, CO at the Denver Coliseum, everymutherfuckin body from Psychopathic records is gonna be in one HUGE fucking show. ICP, Twiztid, ABK, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Esham, Jumpsteady, Dark Lotus, Psychopathic Rydas, Soopa Villanz and more! shit its like a Gathering all in one mutherfuckin show. and i cant forget KMK!!! they cd coming out the 31st of May SOON, i got tickets to the concert already Kronicmania BITCH and Blaze Ya Dead Homies gonna be there!!! shit The Calm cd is out and The Storms starin up, ill update later bout sum other shit, im sre ill have alot to say goin to the shedaquarium tomorrow and my bday fri and all. for now im out.

Current Mood: chipperCalm Mutherfuckin' Juggalo
Current Music: "Like It Like That"- ICP The Calm

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May 15th, 2005

08:36 pm - You ain't shit, BITCH SHUT UP! Hahahaha
SO this weekend was kool as hell! ok on fri, i went home from skool, cory was waiting by my bus stop, and then chris came and we all went to jenna's house, we picked her up, and went to this bar right by her house. it was too crowded inside so we left after a lil bit, but then we stayed outside for a bit haha, and turned up sum music in the epxodition, and just then a juggalo in this one bmx jersey went into the bar it was kool seeing him. then we drove around got sum food, then went to her house hung out and ya, then her step dad was coming home so we had to get out that place.we got in chris' car and left, went home cory slept over, then next day was evans party! kool as hell me and cory went and picked up jenna and we all went to evans house, and ya for the first while we went sum places and ya not saying shit online cuz lots of dumb cunts in his world like to say shit, and tell on mutherfuckers, so fuck um. but ya then we went and got sum good ass chinses food, went to this girls house, and her bro was a fuckin juggalo, out in claredon hills haha, we hung with him, he got jenna a pack, and then we went back to his house and went on this kool fuckin balcony up by his room on the second floor and bumped sum Mostasteless. then cory got his number so if we ever back out in hinsdale, claredon hills, darien area, we got a juggalo homie to chill with. then we all went to evans and off we went, to Dave N Busters. and me and evan went in THEY BATHROOM AND DID WUT THE FUCK WE DO AT THE TIMOTHY BATHROOMS hahahaha so fuck ya'll u aint gonna stop me and evan from doin wut we do, dumb cunt bitches at timothy, fuck up. and that night was great, i had lots of fun. im there with Cory, and Evan and Jenna, what could be better haha. lots of good fuckin food, lots of other good fuckin shit haha. then went home, and me and cory went hung with mark, then chris came by the alley an we met hm just me and cory and we all went to look for sum condoms, cuz shit chris has to do wut he gots to do. then we stopped by this feild looking over a soccer feild and county farm road and the captain came out haha ya so then next morning had to go to church went a lil long so i ditched it, called cory and then jenna. i went to her house after my mom got outta church, hung with her and jessica all day, o and her kool bro jimmy haha ya we hung watched movies and ate all jessicas junk food. then i went home. and this morning before church i found a lil BITCH well i shouldnt say lil, but ya, natalie wants to talk shit, well the shit is started she aint ready for sum real shit shes sooooooo FAKE, and dont know real shit wen it comes her way well sum real fuckin shit is started and she will be sorry she ever wrote my or corys name ever.

VFor a bitch named natalie, that talks to much, bout people who she dont know.V

Your mouth's flapping and I smell shit (BITCH SHUT UP!)
Fuck you and who you run with (BITCH SHUT UP!)
I'm from the west and I don't play that (BITCH SHUT UP!)
And I know where you stay at (BITCH SHUT UP!)
So if you talking keep yo lips shut (BITCH SHUT UP)
Fo' you get yo squad fucked up (BITCH SHUT UP)
We gives a fuck how you feel right (BITCH SHUT UP)
I bring the heat to a fist fight (BITCH SHUT UP)

Soon you will realize, I'll never be stopped
By them haters, bitches, or cops
Fucking with my cash spot
Check the title of the song, why you playing hoe?
Quit running your mouth, about shit you don't know
Bitch shut up, ur breath is all on pump
And the shit you be saying don't nobody give a fuck
We been a victim to some hater ass shit
I'm on the corner slapping bitches,
for the shit they say
Bitchslap your mothafucking ass outta my way
And I'ma smack you in the mouth,
knock your teeth down ya throat
When ya spitting up blood, the shit is coming out ya nose
Cause today there's never been another sicker than me
Unlike any other, in fact
Keep your mouth shut or I'ma push your fucking wig back

Your mouth's flapping and I smell shit (BITCH SHUT UP!)
Fuck you and who you run with (BITCH SHUT UP!)
I'm from the west and I don't play that (BITCH SHUT UP!)
And I know where you stay at (BITCH SHUT UP!)
So if you talking keep yo lips shut (BITCH SHUT UP)
Fo' you get yo squad fucked up (BITCH SHUT UP)
We gives a fuck how you feel right (BITCH SHUT UP)
I bring the heat to a fist fight (BITCH SHUT UP)

Bitch shut up!
Whut up
I nut up
Slice you and that slut up
Shut up bitch!! Shut up!!! Shut up!!!
For the ones with lip
Bitch, hold it
Bitch, what the fuck you doing
Running your trap again
Get slapped again
Running off at the mouth
Don't know what's happenin'
Dancing with the Devil
I know he's laughin'in'
It's a small world,
I'll cross yo path again
Ski masked again
I'm blastin'in'

BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP- right from Blaze and Esham, ur psychopathic family, wait they aint ur family, ur a FAKE BITCH. So KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! BITCH!
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Current Music: "Bitch Shut Up!"- Blaze & Esham

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